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  • Experience in implementing blockchain products for 3 years

Software products

Credits blockchain technologies for Enterprise

Credits Supply Chain platform

Platform for automation and full control of the supply chain of goods and services

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Credits Bonoox loyalty platform

Platform to launch a monobrand loyalty program. Bonus program

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Credits good’s origin platform

Platform for labeling goods and tracking information in the Credits blockchain

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Credits monitoring & control platform

Platform for monitoring and controlling company processes and saving them to blockchain

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Credits tokenization platform

Platform for tokenization of assets: shares, bonds, contracts, etc. on the Credits blockchain

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Credits telecom & IOT platform

Software for process automation in the telecommunication industry

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Credits interbanking messaging platform

Software package for interbank and inside the bank interaction. Replacement of SWIFT

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Credits Government registry platform

Software and framework for building government registries using blockchain technology

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Blockchain Products

Credits blockchain technologies for Enterprise

Credits Public blockchain

Credits Public decentralized blockchain. Decentralized and distributed blockchain system for data storage, launch, and integration of financial products utilizing its own internal cryptocurrency, Credits (CS).

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Credits Private blockchain

Private blockchain based on Credits technologies for creating a distributed system for data storage with restricted access only for network participants. Fast and High-performing. A packaged solution for swift blockchain launch.

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Credits SubChain

Credits subsidiary blockchain. Private blockchain validated by the Credits public blockchain. All data is stored in a private blockchain on clients’ servers without public access but SubChain is connected for validation with Credits Public decentralized blockchain. A combination of public and private blockchains.

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Credits Blockchain DataBase (DBMS)

Database management system with block architecture storage. High speed and reliable system for storage and data management based on NoSQL+Blocks with unassisted data format configuration and automatic operation of stored procedures and triggers.

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Tailor Made solutions, product launch, consulting and support for Credits enterprise customers and partners.

Product customization

Tailor Made solutions to match customer’s needs, business process or technology. Including modifications or improvements to:

  • Encryption algorithms;
  • Consensus rules;
  • Network protocols;
  • Storage or DBMS.


Services development

The Credits Development and Implementation teams can assist you in developing your blockchain product. We have consultants and developers available to assist with the integration and deployment of Credits products to suit your specific use cases.

  • Architecture development
  • Services development


Launch of Financial Products

Consulting and development of Financial products based on the Credits public blockchain.

  • Asset tokenization: shares, bonds, derivatives;
  • Loyalty programs;
  • Stock shares: futures and options;
  • Stablecoin, security token and etc.



Consulting in the development of business processes and use-cases based on Credits products & solutions

  • Requirements analysis
  • System solutions development and implementation


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